Project Development

Project Development is the process that takes new ideas from concept through to implementation. There are several goals for this process:

• To foster blue sky thinking to optimise efficiency

• To encourage early planning, so that project needs, goals and objectives, issues, and impacts can be identified having complete clarity as to the purpose of the project

• Exceeding customers’ expectations

• We approach every project with a can-do attitude, setting the stage for long term success

Convertall has numerous projects.

Mini rolls.

We are currently putting together a machine that will allow us to take full width rolls up to 1700mm wide, and produce finished rolls in different diameters and widths.

Currently we wind down onto 76mm cores and minimum length is 50 mtrs.

With the additional equipment we can have a different diameter, and a minimum length of 5 mtrs.

Slit width could also go down to 25mm.


Retail packs

We are looking to supply a new customer packs of non-woven material, in small hand size sheets. Cut, shrink wrapped, and packed into outer boxes.

It is expected that we will do this ongoing with a 5 day turnaround, and with no weed waste.