A proactive response to product rectification, re-packaging and converting sheet material.

Our proactive response to manufacturing challenges has been gained through an in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes; this knowledge was initially acquired by our extensive experience within the abrasive industry and later by demonstrating the ability to develop new solutions for correcting and re-engineering components and products. Convertall’s services now include:

• Abrasive sheet and roll conversion
Abrasive material cutting into discs, sheet and
other shapes

• Conversion of material into deltas, spirabands
and bobbins
• Die-cutting by CNC technology
• Slit roll and mini roll conversion
• Non woven material conversion using flat
bed cutting machinery
• Full inspection and analysis of product faults
• Product rectification and assembly
• Re-engineering of products
• Specification change solutions
• Product packaging and re-packing
• Clean room assembly work
• Storage facilities
• Delivery and shipping to order
• All work completed to BSI/ISO quality standards